Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Home Destroyed by Fire Damage

No one wants to endure fire damage. Fires that happen in a home or business, are extremely devastating. The loss of property can be something unfathomable to think about and the potentially dangerous effect can be downright heartbreaking. However, with the right company, fire damage restoration can be a stress-free, restoring your commercial or residential property back to the way it was before!

Water Damage Restoration NY is a trusted, reliable, and competent fire damage restoration company in New York City. The company not only responds swiftly, but also restores your home and/ or business back to better than previous conditions!

Fire damage to structures – especially commercial properties, can swiftly bring about a firm’s business to halt. As a result, this leaves a negative impact on both the business and its customers.

Ask yourself this question: “Are you in need of a fire damage restoration NYC service company that will provide a professional help in fire cleanup?”

If yes, then Water Damage Restoration NY is your go to company.

Water Damage Restoration NY professionally cleans and restores all affected places, leaving an aesthetic look at the end. We make it appear as if the damage never happened!

Therefore, you can rely on our diligent and competent fire damage restoration NYC services.


Hallway After Fire Damage

What do we do?

When an unexpected urgent or emergency situation strikes, our response arrival time is about 30 minutes or even less.

Our fire damage packages are specifically designed to meet your needs. No property is too difficult for us – residential, commercial, or industrial.

The first visit comes with free consultation and estimates. We provide you with a thorough step by step reconstruction plan. Keeping you in the know is what we do best.

After a fire, it’s imperative to disengage from the damage zone because of possible faulty wires lying around. Faulty wires could reignite the flame, harming those around in the process.

As a result, we advise that everyone is evacuated from the premises prior to our arrival to ensure the safety of surrounding people.

Furthermore, we communicate with the utility service provider. Therefore, we also order to disconnect power from the building. This prevents any potential aftershocks.

Our company’s fire damage restoration team specializes in:

  • Soot removal film application
  • Thermal deodorization to mitigate smoke damage
  • Emergency board-up
  • Demolition
  • Complete reconstruction



Water Damage Restoration NY is certified, licensed, and insured. Your satisfaction is important to us, and it’s something that we can guarantee!

Additionally, with over two decades of fire cleanup, we have always put our customers first!

Fires can happen at any time, so you need a restoration company that can respond to that type of unpredictability. Our certified professionals are always available 24 hours a day.

In addition to working Mondays through Fridays, we are available on the weekends as well!

Likewise, we are also open on public holidays, coming to your rescue 365 days a year. We are committed in order to create ease and convenience for you.


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Other Services

Our company’s Fire Damage Restoration professionals also handle:
  • Fire Damage Clean up (we provide aid with fire damage cleanup efforts after the fire has been put off)
  • Emergency board-up and site containment services. (This involves securing the premises and preserving the scene from any other damage like smoke)
  • Supply of cranes and heavy-duty equipment
  • Application of board-up decals (reduces eyesore of damaged structures)

Why Choose Us?

You shouldn’t allow yourself to repair the damages done by fire damage alone. There’s always a easier way to relief the pain and stress of an emergency situation. Our team of experts are here for you through the fire damage restoration NYC process. You can trust our professionals to handle any Fire Damages you are facing at any given time. With the right services needed you will be on your way to a healthier property measure.

If you are in need for reliable fire damage guidance our team can help provide you with affordable options. Therefore, you can rely on our damage restoration company to help with the right experience. We can help you to recover the valuable possessions you once owned to our best ability.

Going through fire damage can be a hassle and lifelong issue. As a company, we understand that loss of damages can rank up in expenses and time. We will arrive to your location in 20 minutes or less. We ask that you remain calm and find assistance nearby once you place a call. Don’t just wait, we are one call away from lending a hand in this difficult time.

You can reach us through our socials and email if calling isn’t a possibility. As always, we advise you remain safe and can guarantee that our advanced technology as well as our expertise can be just the right fit.



So, call our hotline today through our fire damage restoration NYC services.

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